Reasons To Believe


The following claims from the above website tend to explain the reasons to believe. They are basically a relationship between science and faith. They attribute to natural occurrences that prove the might of approvable God.

The sun contains an enormous solar flare which generates a lot of heat and power yet this heat does not destroy us on earth but provides sufficient heat and light. This shows Gods love and design for mankind.

The universe experiences a lot of galaxy interactions. If our galaxy experiencessuch an interaction with another big galaxy, there will not be life on earth. God Therefore created a fine spiral turning Milky Way that absorbs small galaxies

The hot flares and particles from the solar system are always hurled to the earth surface but the earth’s magnetic field leads these hot flares to sparsely inhabited poles and here they display colour as they hit the earth’s atmosphere. The magnet field also protects the planet earth. This also shows Gods hand.

Comets and asteroids comprise the shooting stars. This shooting stars burn up in the earth’s atmosphere. When the solar system was forming large shooting stars hit the earth’s surface, cooled and formed the right quantity of water that was needed to support life. This is God’s beauty and another evidence of him fine-tuning planet earth to our benefit.

Away from the natural occurrences, another reason to believe is the optimism you have after a trying moment as illustrated in the below story.

Even when I was young, I was always teased, bullied, and taunted by just about everyone in my grade. I was always the outcast. I barely spoke or interacted with anyone. I had only one friend, my best friend. As I got older, the bullying, teasing, and taunting got worse. I was called fat, ugly, a whore, a bitch, and even a derogatory term for my lower female parts for no reason at all, just because they could call me that. My anxiety became so horrible that I developed trichotillomania.

Later on I went through therapy, and I learned not to hold things inside where they can explode. Please know that you can make it too. Love who and how you are, what you do, and always know that God loves you and understands your struggles. He was there for me when I needed him most, and he always will be there for me. Just remember that he loves you and will always love you

This year, in front of my school, I told my story. Some of the people who had tortured me all those years were in tears. They hadn’t realized what they had done to me. It took all my strength, but I forgave them because it’s wasted energy holding grudges. I realize today that I am beautiful. I am worth it. I am awesome and amazing and everything I want myself to be. I am me. That’s all that matters.

After such a trying experience, one learns to believe and at the same time lead a positive life.